Oncology European Specialised Expert Community

The Oncology European Specialised Expert Community (ESEC) is a platform for information-sharing among European experts on scientific and regulatory topics related to oncology.

It operates under the Oncology Working Party (ONCWP) and Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP).

The Oncology ESEC provides a platform for information-sharing about:

  • emerging regulatory actions and guidelines from the European Medicines Agency's (EMA) scientific committees;
  • completed assessments of product-related procedures and guidelines;
  • ongoing EU activities in the field of oncology;
  • international regulators’ input;
  • important scientific developments outside the regulatory network, such as new treatment guidelines.

The Oncology ESEC's tasks include:

  • mapping competences across the European network of experts;
  • providing training and upskilling to the European medicines regulatory network;
  • connecting experts from multidisciplinary teams and across topics of expertise.

The ESEC as a group does not contribute to any regulatory procedures or actions related to product-related activities and guidelines. This means it does not give advice or take decisions.

Individual ESEC experts can contribute to EMA’s scientific work as members of scientific committees, working parties or drafting groups.

Mandate, rules of procedure and work programme

The Oncology ESEC's mandate is available below:

For details on the work programme for the Oncology ESEC, refer to the Oncology Working Party.


The Oncology ESEC is composed of European experts selected according to their specific expertise in oncology and related disciplines. Members are nominated by the CHMP.

All members have signed a public declaration of interests and confidentiality undertaking form.