EMA-hosted virtual meetings

Joining a Webex meeting

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) mainly uses the Cisco Webex video conferencing service to host virtual meetings with its regulatory partners and stakeholders.

You can join a Webex meeting using either:

  • a web browser
  • the Webex application (app) for desktop or mobile devices

EMA recommends the Webex desktop application using your computer to connect to the meeting audio and video, and wearing a headset.

If joining a Webex meeting for the first time, you can first test Webex and download the application and test it on your device. 

More information on Webex is available at these links:

If you need more help, please contact your EMA contact point or the EMA Service Desk.

Logging in to use Webex

You can join a Webex meeting as a guest. 

If taking part in an EMA scientific committee, working party or providing expert advice, you may be requested to join an EMA-hosted Webex meeting as a logged-in user

Please follow the instructions in the video and document below to join an EMA-hosted Webex meeting as a logged-in user. You will need:

  • your EMA account credentials and a mobile phone to receive a security code;
  • your username in the format ‘username@id.ema.europa.eu’. If you have not already used this format to log into an EMA application, you will first need to reset your password on the EMA Account Management portal. 

Joining a Microsoft Teams meeting

EMA may also use Microsoft Teams to run smaller and less formal virtual meetings.

The meeting organiser at EMA provides joining instructions to the participants. External participants usually may join as 'guests'.

More support is available in a video tutorial on joining a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Collaborating with EMA using Microsoft Teams

EMA uses Microsoft Teams to collaborate with its partners in the European medicines regulatory network.

If you are invited to collaborate with EMA using Microsoft Teams, please complete the following steps:

  • Check whether you already have an EMA account. If you do not have one yet, create an EMA account.
  • Provide your contact details to your EMA contact person. This should include the username and email address of your EMA account.
  • You will receive an invite to join an EMA team in Microsoft Teams when your account is ready. Accept the invite and the join the EMA team.

Further guidance is available in the document below.

If you need more help, please contact your EMA contact point.

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