EMA public workshop on extrapolation of efficacy and safety in medicine development

Date: 17/05/2016 to 18/05/2016
Location: European Medicines Agency, London, UK

In 2013, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) published a concept paper on extrapolation of efficacy and safety in medicine development. It aims to discuss the need and possibility of developing a framework for extrapolation approaches that are considered scientifically valid and reliable to support medicine authorisation. The framework will set out a structured approach for each extrapolation exercise, in order to improve interactions with stakeholders and to standardise decision making across committees. Further to the extrapolation expert meeting that took place in September 2015, EMA will publish a reflection paper on extrapolation across age groups that will include considerations specific to global product development and licensing of paediatric medicines. This workshop will present the reflection paper and seek feedback from developers.



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