EU Big Data Stakeholder Forum

Date: 07/12/2021
Location: Online, 09:00 - 16:20 Amsterdam time (CET)

Event summary

The European medicines regulatory network is organising a second, annual multi-stakeholder forum on big data to foster collaboration and engage stakeholders.

The main objectives of the forum are to:

  • inform stakeholders about the delivery of the data pillar of the Network Strategy 2025 via the HMA-EMA joint Big Data Steering Group 2021-2023;
  • listen to stakeholder views and feedback;
  • discuss areas for collaboration.

Attendance is organised via EU associations and direct invitations to allow a broad range of stakeholders to participate.

The meeting will be broadcast live on this web page and a video recording will be made available afterwards.

No registration is required to view the live broadcast. 



  • Registration by invitation only
  • Places limited

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