Multi-stakeholder advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) expert meeting: exploring solutions to foster ATMPs' development and patient access in Europe

Date: 27/05/2016
Location: European Medicines Agency, London, UK

With representation from the European medicines regulatory network and the European Commission, EMA is organising this multi-stakeholder expert meeting on ATMPs to address challenges identified to pharmaceutical innovation in Europe. The aim is to understand the current European Union environment for ATMPs and to explore new or different ways for stimulating innovation, facilitating European research and development and accelerating patients' access to high quality, safe and efficacious ATMPs. EMA has invited a broad range of experienced stakeholders involved throughout the ATMP medicines' life cycle, from early research and development through to the product supply chain. This includes experienced academics, incubator managers, investors, healthcare professionals, patients, industry representatives (from micro-, small- and medium-sized as well as large companies) and health-technology-assessment bodies.


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