Press briefing on PRAC conclusions on signal of thromboembolic events with COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen

Date: 20/04/2021
Location: Virtual meeting

Event summary

EMA is holding a virtual press briefing on the conclusion of the evaluation of a safety signal with Jcovden (previously COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen) relating to cases of thromboembolic events by EMA’s safety committee, the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC), on 20 April 2021.


  • Ms Emer Cooke (Executive Director)
  • Dr Sabine Straus (Chair of PRAC)
  • Dr Peter Arlett (Head of Data Analytics and Methods Task Force).

The press briefing will be moderated by Ms Marie-Agnes Heine (Head of Communication).

The press briefing will be held in English.

Video recording

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