Date: 17/04/2023 to 20/04/2023
Location: Online

Event summary

EMA's Regulatory Data Management Service is organising a full week of webinars during which EMA’s SPOR team will talk about all aspects of regulatory data management and how it works today.

The sessions will cover practical information for users. Topics include:

  • Master data management governance in SPOR and XEVMPD,
  • Substances, Product, Organisational and Referential master data management,
  • using EMA’s Service Desk, and
  • how to gain and manage access to the relevant systems.

Please find below the presentations from the webinars. Recordings are now available below and on EMA YouTube Channel.


SPOR and xEVMPD Governance


Service Desk for SPOR and xEVMPD


Referential Management Service


Organisation Management Service


Substance Management Service


Product Management Service - xEVMPD


Substance, product, organisation and referential (SPOR) application programming interface (API) - SPOR API


EMA Account Management



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