Third Veterinary Big Data Stakeholder Forum

Date: 23/11/2023
Location: Amsterdam

Event summary

The European Medicines Agency and the EU Veterinary Big Data Hub have scheduled the third edition of the Veterinary Big Data Stakeholder Forum for 23 November 2023.
Oriented at representatives from regulators, veterinary pharmaceutical industry, academia, consumers and animal health practitioners, the event aims to:

  • report on the EU Veterinary Data Hub activities and the HMA/EMA Veterinary Big Data workplan; 
  • resume the discussion on the identified use cases, collect inputs, and learn from existing experiences from stakeholders’ experts;
  • open the floor to discuss upcoming challenges and future needs of big data in the veterinary regulatory domain.

Registered participants will be able to ask questions to a multi-stakeholder panel representing the views of regulators, industry, academia, and EMA.


To attend the webinar, please register using this online form by 22 November 2023.

Please note this forum will be recorded and made publicly available. By registering to this event, you are providing consent to EMA to process your personal data in in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725. EMA data protection notice for the organisation of meetings and events and the Cisco Privacy Document, which explains how personal data is processed by the Agency and via the tool Webex.

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