Plasma master files: electronic application form

Plasma-master-file (PMF) holders and applicants for PMF certificates need to use the electronic application form to submit PMF applications to the European Medicines Agency.

This application allows the submission of administrative data, certification annexes and test-kit information to the Agency in electronic format. The data received are imported into the Agency's PMF database.

The electronic form was launched in June 2012. It replaces the previously used Word documents.

User guide

A user guide is available with step-by-step instructions on how to download and use the PMF application form. PMF holders and applicants should read this user guide carefully.

Files for the PMF data entry tool

Important instructions

  • Delete any earlier PMF folders and files, including the application and data, generated during the pilot testing phase. This will ensure you have no problems installing the application.
  • To install the new application, follow the installation instructions in the user guide.
  • When entering data, do not use abbreviations. Only use numbers for postcodes.


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