COVID-19 vaccines: authorised

Vaccines authorised in the European Union (EU) to prevent COVID-19, following evaluation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). 

Authorised COVID-19 vaccines

Safety updates for authorised COVID-19 vaccines

EMA publishes safety updates for the COVID-19 vaccines authorised in the EU.

EMA releases a monthly update for each authorised COVID-19 vaccine. 

The safety updates summarise the data that have become available since the vaccine's authorisation. They also indicate whether any safety information requires further investigation.

To see the full list of safety updates for COVID-19 vaccines, click on the links below:

VaccineLatest information
ComirnatyComirnaty: Safety updates
COVID-19 Vaccine ModernaCOVID-19 Vaccine Moderna: Safety updates
COVID-19 Vaccine JanssenCOVID-19 Vaccine Janssen: Safety updates
VaxzevriaVaxzevria: Safety updates

EMA began publishing these safety updates in January 2021, with an update on the safety of Comirnaty.

For more information, see:


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