Pandemic influenza pharmacovigilance updates

Between December 2009 and August 2010, the European Medicines Agency published regular updates on safety monitoring of vaccines and medicines used during the pandemic. The updates provided information on:

  • the evolution of the A/H1N1 pandemic in the European Union (EU);
  • an estimate of the number of doses of pandemic-influenza vaccines and antiviral medicines authorised by the Agency distributed or administered in the EU;
  • a summary of the suspected adverse reactions reported to the Agency after use of pandemic-influenza vaccines and antiviral medicines;
  • other information on the benefits and risks of pandemic-influenza vaccines and antiviral medicines.

The information in the updates was extracted from EudraVigilance, a database and management system managed by the Agency on behalf of Member States, for collecting and evaluating reports of suspected adverse reactions in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Reports were submitted to EudraVigilance by national medicines regulatory agencies and marketing authorisation holders. The updates also included some information on vaccine safety made available by Member States.

Date Update number Document reference
19/08/2010 22 PDF icon EMA/527985/2010
22/07/2010 21 PDF icon EMA/472001/2010
18/06/2010 20 PDF icon EMA/395118/2010
03/06/2010 19 PDF icon EMA/356087/2010
20/05/2010 18 PDF icon EMA/326582/2010
05/05/2010 17 PDF icon EMA/281958/2010
22/04/2010 16 PDF icon EMA/255907/2010
08/04/2010 15 PDF icon EMA/213238/2010
24/03/2010 14 PDF icon EMA/150633/2010
10/03/2010 13 PDF icon EMA/150633/2010
24/02/2010 12 PDF icon EMA/117826/2010
17/02/2010 11 PDF icon EMA/102392/2010
10/02/2010 10 PDF icon EMA/86784/2010
03/02/2010 9 PDF icon EMA/71116/2010
27/01/2010 8 PDF icon EMA/55806/2010
20/01/2010 7 PDF icon EMA/39205/2010
13/01/2010 6 PDF icon EMA/21345/2010
06/01/2010 5 PDF icon EMA/4476/2010
23/12/2009 4 PDF icon EMA/841003/2009
16/12/2009 3 PDF icon EMA/813036/2009
09/12/2009 2 PDF icon EMA/790386/2009
03/12/2009 1 PDF icon EMEA/784681/2009


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