Inspections procedure

Recommendations and guidance related to the implementation of GCP

These recommendations and guidance documents are for the attention of sponsors, CROs, clinical investigators and other parties involved in the conduct of clinical trials. They have been prepared by the GCP Inspectors Working Group in conjunction, where needed, with other Working Groups and Committees of the European Regulatory Network.

PDF iconReflection Paper on advice to applicants / sponsors / CROs of Bioequivalence studies

Inspection procedures and guidance for GCP inspections conducted in the context of the Centralised Procedure

Update: On 7 October 2019, the 1,000th good clinical practice (GCP) inspection requested by the CHMP and coordinated by EMA was carried out by inspectors from Austria and Poland.

GCP 1000 inspectionsEMA has developed an infographic showing the numbers and geographical locations of the CGP inspections requested by CHMP.

The GCP Inspectors Working Group has developed procedures for the coordination, preparation, conduct and reporting of GCP inspections carried out in the context of the Centralised Procedure.

These inspections are adopted by the CHMP and may be routine or may be triggered by issues arising during the assessment of the dossier or by other information such as previous inspection experience.

They are usually requested during the initial review of a Marketing Authorisation Application, but could arise post-authorisation (e.g. inspection of studies conducted or completed as part of the condition of a marketing authorisation, or because of concerns arising about the studies previously submitted).

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