Suvaxyn PRRS MLV


porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome virus, live

This medicine is authorised for use in the European Union.


Suvaxyn PRRS MLV is a veterinary vaccine used to protect pigs against porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome (PRRS). This viral disease of pigs may result in lowered farrowing (birth) rates, increase in abortions, stillborn, mummified as well as weak live born piglets and deaths. There may also be disease of the airways which can lead to high death rates in suckling and weaned pigs.

Suvaxyn PRRS MLV contains a modified strain of live PRRS virus, strain 96V198, that has been weakened so that it does not cause disease.

This EPAR was last updated on 09/09/2020

Authorisation details

Product details
Suvaxyn PRRS MLV
Agency product number
Active substance
Modified live porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome virus
International non-proprietary name (INN) or common name
porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome virus, live
Anatomical therapeutic chemical veterinary (ATCvet) codes
Publication details
Marketing-authorisation holder
Zoetis Belgium SA
Date of issue of marketing authorisation valid throughout the European Union
Contact address

Rue Laid Burniat 1
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Product information

18/08/2020 Suvaxyn PRRS MLV - EMEA/V/C/004276 - A45/0005

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Pharmacotherapeutic group

  • Immunologicals for suidae

  • Live viral vaccines

Therapeutic indication

For active immunisation of clinically healthy pigs from 1 day of age in a porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome (PRRS) virus contaminated environment, to reduce viraemia and nasal shedding caused by infection with European strains of PRRS virus (genotype 1).

Fattening pigs: In addition, vaccination of seronegative 1-day-old piglets was demonstrated to significantly reduce lung lesions against challenge administered at 26 weeks post vaccination. Vaccination of seronegative 2-week-old piglets was demonstrated to significantly reduce lung lesions and oral shedding against challenge administered at 28 days and at 16 weeks post-vaccination.

Gilts and sows: In addition, pre-pregnancy vaccination of clinically healthy gilts and sows, either seropositive or seronegative, was demonstrated to reduce the transplacental infection caused by PRRS virus during the third trimester of pregnancy, and to reduce the associated negative impact on reproductive performance (reduction of the occurrence of stillbirths, of piglet viraemia at birth and at weaning, of lung lesions and of viral load in lungs in piglets at weaning).

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