Vectra 3D


dinotefuran, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen

This medicine is authorised for use in the European Union.


Vectra 3D is a veterinary medicine used on dogs to treat and prevent flea and tick infestations and to repel sand flies, mosquitoes and stable flies. Its actions last for up to a month, and it prevents fleas from hatching and developing for two months. Vectra 3D contains three active substances: dinotefuran, pyriproxyfen and permethrin.

This EPAR was last updated on 21/02/2022

Authorisation details

Product details
Vectra 3D
Agency product number
Active substance
  • dinotefuran
  • pyriproxyfen
  • permethrin
International non-proprietary name (INN) or common name
dinotefuran, permethrin, and pyriproxyfen
Anatomical therapeutic chemical veterinary (ATCvet) codes
Publication details
Marketing-authorisation holder
Ceva Sante Animale
Date of issue of marketing authorisation valid throughout the European Union
Contact address

10 Av. de La Ballastière
33500 Libourne

Product information

02/02/2022 Vectra 3D - EMEA/V/C/002555 - IB-0021

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Pharmacotherapeutic group

permethrin, combinations

Therapeutic indication

  • Treatment and prevention of flea infestation (Ctenocephalides felis and Ctenocephalides canis).
  • Treatment and prevention of tick infestation (Rhipicephalus sanguineus, Dermacentor reticulatus, Ixodes ricinus).
  • Prevention of biting from sand flies (Phlebotomus perniciosus), mosquitoes (Culex pipiens, Aedes aegypti) and stable flies (Stomoxys calcitrans).
  • Treatment of mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and stable fly (Stomoxys calcitrans) infestation.

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