Activities of former EMA Executive Director Thomas Lönngren

Press release 21/03/2011

Management Board emphasises ongoing obligation to inform Agency of future activities

The European Medicines Agency Management Board has given its approval for the current activities of Thomas Lönngren, who stepped down as Executive Director on 31 December 2010. In approving his activities, the Board emphasised the seriousness of its role in protecting the public interest and good reputation of the Agency.

In assessing the activities notified by Mr Lönngren, the Board focused on two areas of potential conflict of interest. Firstly whether any activity risked the misuse of confidential or privileged information gained during his leadership of the Agency and secondly whether any activity risked improper influence on decisions taken by the Agency. The Board concluded that none of the activities as communicated presented a conflict of interest. Members also regretted the late notification by Mr Lönngren of details of his activities.

Nevertheless the Board imposed a set of limitations on these and any future activities for a period of two years after leaving the Agency, including prohibitions on taking managerial and executive positions in the pharmaceutical industry, and on providing product-related advice with regard to activities falling within the remit of the Agency. The conditions set by the Board also require that Mr Lönngren should neither have contacts with Agency staff or committee members in the context of his professional activities, nor represent or accompany third parties at meetings with the Agency.

The Board stressed the great importance it attaches to transparency and in the public interest requested the Acting Executive Director to publish its decision together with supporting documents on the EMA website.

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