European Medicines Agency's Management Board elects new chair and vice-chair

Press release 08/06/2007

The European Medicines Agency's Management Board elected Pat O'Mahony, Chief Executive of the Irish Medicines Board, as new chair and Lisette Tiddens-Engwirda, Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), as vice-chair of the Board, with three-year mandates from 7 June 2007.

Accepting his election, Pat O'Mahony said, “It is my ambition to do the very best during my mandate to make a difference for public and animal health in Europe.”

EMEA Executive Director Thomas Lönngren said, “I am looking forward to working with the new chair and vice-chair of the Board. Pat O'Mahony has long-standing management experience in the public-health domain and will help the Agency to cope successfully with the challenges ahead. I am also very pleased about the election of Lisette Tiddens-Engwirda as vice-chair. Her appointment underlines the Agency's commitment to involving civil society in the work of the Agency.”

Implementation of the paediatric legislation
The Board adopted a proposal from the Executive Director to request an increase in staff to cope with the heavy workload expected to arise from the implementation of the new EU paediatric legislation. The Agency now expects to receive significantly more applications than was originally forecast for paediatric investigation plans and waivers between 20 June 2007, when applications can be submitted for the first time, and the beginning of 2008. The workload could be some 50% to 70% over the initial forecast, and demonstrates the impact this new piece of legislation will have on the EMEA.

Preparing for the budget discharge 2006
Having noted the European Parliament's discharge to the Executive Director for the execution of the 2005 budget, the Board gave a positive analysis and assessment of the Agency's annual activity report for 2006 as the first step of the discharge procedure for the 2006 budget. The Board expressed its satisfaction with the Agency's performance in achieving its work objectives, on one hand, and its management and control system on the other. The analysis and assessment will now be forwarded to the European Parliament, the Council and the Court of Auditors.


  1. Pat O'Mahony is a trained veterinarian, who also holds a Master of Business Administration. Before joining the Irish Medicines Board as Chief Executive in 2002, he was Director of Consumer Protection at the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. He has been an EMEA Board member since 2003
  2. Lisette Tiddens-Engwirda is the Secretary-General of the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) since 2001. She holds a Master's degree in Law and Political Science. She has extensive experience in public affairs. Before joining the CPME, she was Secretary-General of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union. She has been an EMEA Board member since 2005.
  3. Photographs of Pat O'Mahony are available at the EMEA press office on request.

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