Transatlantic Taskforce continues international fight against antimicrobial resistance

News 30/09/2021

The Transatlantic Taskforce on Antimicrobial Resistance (TATFAR) has enhanced synergy and communication between its member agencies resulting in strengthened domestic and global efforts in the fight against the urgent threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The progress of TATFAR and its achievements in addressing AMR were reviewed at a conference held on 14/15 September, and are summarised in the 2016-2020 progress report.

The report outlines the actions to fight AMR in three key areas: appropriate therapeutic use of antimicrobials in human and veterinary medicine, prevention of drug-resistant infections, and strategies for improving the pipeline of new antimicrobial medicines.

As member of the taskforce, EMA has contributed to the implementation of strategies to encourage responsible use of antimicrobials in veterinary medicines, and to foster research and development of new safe and effective human antibiotics.

The joint fight against the global challenge of AMR continues. TATFAR has identified 18 actions for the 2021-2026 work plan, which is expected to be formally adopted before the end of 2021.

From 2016 to 2020, EMA and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discussed recommendations on clinical trial designs for new antibacterial medicines, feasible approaches to facilitate trials and regulatory options available to medicines developers. In addition, guidance for medicines developers has been updated or developed to reflect the evolutions in the area.

AMR is a public health problem of increasing magnitude and importance, with actions needed for human and veterinary medicines at global and national level. New antimicrobial agents are urgently required for a number of human pathogens and to this date very few new classes of antibiotics are under development. The EU and the US established TATFAR in 2009 to intensify cooperation in the fight against AMR. In October 2015, Canada and Norway became partners of the taskforce and the UK joined in 2021.

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