World Heart Day: 29 September 2012

News 28/09/2012

World Heart DayThe European Medicines Agency supports World Heart Day, which is taking place on Saturday 29 September 2012.

World Heart Day is held each year on 29 September and is dedicated to informing people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world's leading cause of death. In 2012, as in 2011, the day's theme is 'one world, one home, one heart'.

The Agency plays an important role in the authorisation of medicines to treat heart disease and stroke, recommending the authorisation of a number of medicines in the European Union (EU) for cardiovascular diseases.

The Agency works closely with organisations representing patients with heart disease and stroke through the European Heart Network and with organisations representing healthcare professionals through the European Society of Cardiology.

The Agency also organises regular events and meetings, many of which cover issues related to heart disease and stroke, as well as providing guidance for companies developing medicines for the treatment and diagnosis of these conditions.

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