The European Medicines Agency (EMA) supports the European Commission's activities in India, by contributing to interactions on pharmaceuticals between the European Union (EU) and the regulatory authorities of India.

The EU has a cooperation agreement with India dating from 1994, which allows the setting up of specialised subgroups, including on pharmaceuticals.

In 2005, the EU and India adopted a joint action plan for the India-EU strategic partnership, endorsing the establishment of a working group on pharmaceuticals. This working group started its activities in July 2006, with annual meetings ever since.

EMA supports India in applying international standards, particularly for good manufacturing practice (GMP) and clinical trial activities, and facilitates capacity building and regulatory contacts.

Support to India includes:

  • inviting delegates from India to EMA's annual good clinical practice inspectors' training;
  • providing support to conferences and training in the context of the consultation and cooperation mechanism, where the relevant Indian regulatory authorities are involved.

EMA also discusses with the Indian authorities regulatory aspects related to ayurvedic medicine and its use in Europe, through its Committee for Herbal Medicinal Products.

For more information, see European Commission: Delegation to India.

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