Quality, non-clinical and clinical aspects of live recombinant viral vectored vaccines

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Reference number EMA/CHMP/VWP/141697/2009
Published 10/08/2010
Effective from 01/01/2011
Keywords Live recombinant viral vectored vaccine, heterologous antigen
Description This document provides recommendations on the quality, non-clinical and clinical studies that should be performed in order to obtain marketing authorisation of a live recombinant viral vectored vaccine intended for use in the prophylaxis of infectious disease in humans. Plasmid DNA vaccines, recombinant protein vaccines and vaccines against non-infectious indications, i.e. 'immunotherapeutic' medicinal products, are not within the scope of this guideline. Vaccines based upon bacterial vectors such as salmonella and Bacillus Calmette-Guérin are also not within the scope of this guideline, although many of the principles that apply here could also apply to these vaccines.

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Published: 20/04/2009


Published: 16/07/2007

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