Use of aminoglycosides in animals in the European Union: development of resistance and impact on human and animal health

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Reference numberEMA/CVMP/AWP/721118/2014
KeywordsAmynoglycosides, development in resistance, veterinary antimicrobial agents, antimicrobial resistance
DescriptionThe purpose of the reflection paper, which was developed by EMA's Antimicrobials Working Party, and adopted by the Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP), is to critically review the current knowledge on the usage of aminoglycosides, the development of resistance and the potential impact of this resistance on animal and human health. On this basis, the paper makes recommendations on how these medicines should be used in animals to maintain their effectiveness to treat infections in both humans and animals.

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Published: 05/07/2018

Published: 05/07/2018

Published: 25/07/2017

Published: 23/07/2014

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