3Rs Working Party

The 3Rs Working Party (3RsWP) is a joint working party of the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) and the Committee for Veterinary Medicinal Products (CVMP). It advises these committees on all matters concerning the use of animals in the regulatory testing of medicines, with particular focus on the application of the so-called 3Rs principles - replace, reduce and refine.

The 3Rs stand for:

  • replacing the use of animals with non-animal methods where possible;
  • reducing the number of animals to the minimum necessary to obtain scientifically valid results;
  • refining practices to minimise the stress and improve the welfare of study animals.

For more information on how the EMA and its 3Rs Working Party support the implementation of the 3Rs principles in the European Union, see:

The 3RsWP's tasks include:

Mandate, rules of procedure and work programme

The three-year work plan is available below:

EMA will provide information on the mandate, responsibilities and procedures of this working party as soon as available.


This working party is composed of European experts nominated by CHMP and CVMP members taking into consideration the best available expertise needed to deliver its commitments.

The current members are listed below, in alphabetical order of surname. 

Their declarations of interests are available in the European expert list: