HMA/EMA Big Data Stakeholder Forum 2023

Date: 04/12/2023
Location: European Medicines Agency and online, 09:30 - 17:30 Amsterdam time (CET)

Event summary

As the journey towards data-driven medicines regulation accelerates, the fourth annual Big Data multi-stakeholder forum will take place on 4 December 2023 at the EMA building in Amsterdam (+ enabled virtual participation). It aims to:

•    inspire with opportunities for the future thanks to keynotes speakers;
•    discuss with stakeholders data-enabled opportunities to improve medicines development and the EU;
•    inform and strengthen collaboration with stakeholders and partners on the delivery of the data activities included the Network Strategy to 2025 (fourth update of the HMA-EMA Big Data Steering Group workplan).

Live broadcast - 09:30 - 17:30 Amsterdam time (CET)

Watch the live broadcast on EMA's Vimeo channel 1

You should see the live broadcast on pressing the 'play' icon in the video window, or a message stating that the event has not started yet.

To optimise video quality, once the video is playing we recommend clicking on the ‘Wheel’ symbol in the video window then selecting the Quality Option up to 1080p.

For technical information about the required network security settings, please see this Vimeo help page.

For further assistance, please consult the EMA Service desk.


In person and online participation (via Webex) is organised via EU associations and direct invitations to allow a broad range of stakeholders to participate.

The event will also be broadcast live and registration is not required to follow the event online.

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