Public stakeholder meeting on COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics in the EU

Date: 25/11/2021
Location: Online, 13:00 - 15:15 Amsterdam time (CET)

Event summary

This fourth public meeting will provide an update on COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics in the EU. It will also address misinformation and highlight the current vaccination coverage in the EU.

The following topics will be covered:

  • COVID-19 therapeutics and vaccines in the EU, including vaccine effectiveness, and the use of booster and third doses in national vaccination campaigns;
  • Update on vaccine safety information;
  • COVID-19 epidemiological situation and vaccination coverage in the EU;
  • Misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines.

The event will also allow the public and stakeholders to further inform EMA of their needs, expectations and any concerns.

Video recordings

Full video recording

Update on approved and candidate COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics, Marco Cavaleri (EMA)

Update on vaccine safety monitoring, Georgy Genov (EMA)

COVID-19 surveillance and vaccination coverage in the EU, Piotr Kramarz (ECDC)

Addressing misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines, Melanie Carr (EMA)


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No registration is required for those wishing to follow the live broadcast on EMA’s website.

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