Updated recommendations to minimise the risks of malignancy, major adverse cardiovascular events, serious infections, venous thromboembolism and mortality with use of Janus kinase inhibitors (JAKi)

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This direct healthcare professional communication (DHPC) contains important information for healthcare professionals prescribing, dispensing or administering the medicine(s). It also includes a communication plan with details of intended recipients and the dissemination date.


Key facts

Medicine name
  • Cibinqo
  • Jyseleca
  • Olumiant
  • Rinvoq
  • Xeljanz
Active substance
  • Abrocitinib
  • filgotinib
  • Baricitinib
  • upadacitinib
  • Tofacitinib
Therapeutic area (MeSH)
  • Arthritis, Rheumatoid
  • Dermatitis, Atopic
Procedure number
EMEA/H-A20/1517/C/004214/0048; EMEA/H-A20/1517/C/005452/0003; EMEA/H-A20/1517/C/004085/0032; EMEA/H-A20/1517/C/004760/0017; EMEA/H-A20/1517/C/005113/0014
Regulatory outcome
DHPC type
Referral - Article 20 procedure
Referral name
Janus kinase inhibitors (JAKi)
Human ATC code
  • D11AH08
  • L04AA45
  • L04AA37
  • L04AA44
  • L04AA29
Dissemination date

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