CHMP: Agendas, minutes and highlights

CHMP: Agendas, minutes and highlights

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) publishes the agendas, minutes and highlights of the plenary meetings of its Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP). EMA also publishes the agendas and minutes of the CHMP's preparatory and organisational matters (PROM) meeting, formerly known as the CHMP's organisational matters (ORGAM) meeting. 

The PROM is a meeting to discuss CHMP organisational matters and other topics in preparation for the CHMP plenary meeting. Its name changed from ORGAM to PROM in February 2021. 

The Committee has been publishing meeting reports summarising the main outcomes of its meetings since it was established. 

The table below lists the the different types of publications EMA publishes in relation to CHMP plenaries.

Publication typePublication timeAdditional information

Meeting highlights

Friday after Committee plenaryThe web-based format of the CHMP meeting highlights replaced the PDF format of the CHMP press releases and monthly report in September 2011
AgendasBefore start of Committee plenaryEMA publishes the CHMP's agendas and minutes since its December 2013 meeting
MinutesAfter Committee plenary where minutes are adopted
PROM agendasWeek before Committee plenaryEMA publishes the agenda and minutes of the CHMP's PROM (formerly ORGAM) meeting since October 2016
PROM minutesAfter current month's Committee plenary

CHMP meeting highlights: 2023

CHMP meeting highlights: 2022

CHMP meeting highlights: 2021

CHMP meeting highlights: 2020

CHMP meeting highlights: 2019




PROM (formerly ORGAM) agendas

PROM (formerly ORGAM) minutes


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