Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) small-population research methods projects and regulatory application workshop

Date: 29/03/2017 to 30/03/2017
Location: European Medicines Agency, London, UK

The European Union funds three projects, Asterix, IDeAl and InSPiRe, within the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) to develop new methodology on design and analysis of small population clinical trials since 2013. The projects are in their final phase. The workshop will discuss their results to date.The aim is to translate and promote results and novel methodologies into tangible recommendations to advance the clinical research and development of medicines and new treatments for patients with a rare disease and personalised medicine. The results to date and draft recommendations for application will be discussed by international representatives of patient organisations, pharmaceutical industry, academic statisticians and clinical trial methodologists, clinical researchers, pharmaceutical industry and regulators.



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